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Submit a Support Ticket for a Linden Home

Submitting a support ticket to claim a specific Linden Home is a Premium Plus perk. When you find your dream home on Bellisseria, file the ticket as soon as possible because they are first come, first served. The only way to use this concierge service is to submit a ticket. A Linden Home cannot be obtained through live chat or phone call. A Linden will assign you the home if you are the first person to request it via ticket and it’s still available.

How to file a Linden Home Concierge Service ticket

  1. Go to the Submit A Ticket page. You can also get to this from your Second Life dashboard.
  2. Under Issue Type, select Land & Region
  3. Under Land and region, select Linden Homes
  4. Skip to Please describe the issue and fill in the SLURL to the Linden Home you would like to claim as a Premium Plus member.

How to tell if a Linden Home is Available for Ticketing

  • Owned by Governor Linden/Unoccupied
  • On a region that has a name (the name does not begin with SSP*)

*SSP are unreleased regions

Can you downgrade from Premium Plus once you get the house?

If the Linden Home that you’re claiming is a 1024 sqm size, you can downgrade your account to Premium once you’re assigned the home. If you’re claiming a 2048 sqm home (like Ranch), you must remain Premium Plus.