Teresa Firelight

I love Linden Homes and in addition to gather-and-nest, I have been doing the Parade of Homes Blog for a few years now. I mostly blog articles on either landscaping or interior design, and I also write general interest articles about Bellisseria and some Linden Lab stuff. I sometimes do feature articles about nicely decorated/landscaped SL homes so if you think yours is a good candidate, send me your home's SLURL. The best way to reach me is IMs (or notecards) inworld at secondlife:///app/agent/1bb86d38-10aa-46ce-b474-5f9aa77727aa/about

In addition to blogging I love helping new users and am an SL and Bellisseria Mentor and part of the Firestorm Gateway Team. I also have an in-world hair store.