Sasy Scarborough

Sasy Scarborough is an experienced and passionate Second Life user who has been in the virtual world since 2006. Her enthusiasm and dedication to creating an engaging and entertaining online experience has made her a highly sought-after consultant, blogger, creator, and events manager. She is known for her expertise, friendliness, and willingness to help out fellow residents.

Sasy is also highly involved with the organisation of Hair Fair, an annual event that donates a portion of proceeds to the Wigs for Kids charity. With her years of experience in the virtual world and her commitment to the community, Sasy is an invaluable asset to Second Life. Her passion for creating a vibrant and engaging virtual environment is unparalleled, and she is sure to continue making a difference in the Second Life community for years to come.

Bio taken from SasyScarborough.com based on a Gogo and AI collaboration

Blog Interview

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