The growth of the Linden Homes continent, Bellisseria, seems to have no end in sight. The launch of the Mediterranean theme on December 18, 2023, marks another addition to this ever-expanding landscape. However, it’s disappointing to note that this theme, like Ranch theme before it, is exclusive to Premium Plus members with 2048 square meter parcels.

While the prospect of more land and prims is appealing, the current 2048 themes don’t quite hit the mark for many. There’s a desire for an option to purchase more prims for the existing 1024 themes, providing an alternative for those who aren’t drawn to the larger properties.

Initial impressions of the Mediterranean homes reveal an overwhelming use of the color orange, a feature that immediately puts off potential residents. The exterior colors of the houses are unappealing and, while this can be remedied with a shell, the surrounding eyesores from neighboring homes remain an issue.


On a positive note, the interiors of the Mediterranean homes showcase impressive features such as large staircases and windows, offering ample space for decorating and personalization. For those less concerned with the location of their homes, these properties may suffice, providing a generous amount of prims and rooms to work with.

One redeeming aspect of the Mediterranean regions is the stunning landscaping, which has been executed beautifully by the moles. Despite this, the overwhelmingly orange ambiance still poses a barrier for potential residents, myself included.

Photos are taken with the JuicyBomb – Country Skies EEP Settings

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      Agreed! The homes are so flat.

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