Linden Campers come in many different settings, from deep forests with azure lakes and waterfalls to sandy seaside beaches. This camper is at the north end of a narrow island in the Wood region, providing privacy and water views on three sides!

This camper model is called the Williamsburg and looks more like a tiny house than an RV. There are many camper models to choose from, and all campers have an option at the very end of all the models to rotate the camper 180 degrees to orient the camper model to the best view, a convenient feature!

The front of the Williamsburg has glass doors that open onto a wood deck that is the perfect place for a small patio table. The first thing I added to the camper was an add-on from BH&G Urban Roots that provided ceiling lights, a hall/bathroom, and a loft/TV/fireplace arrangement for the back room. The interior design of the front room features a small kitchen with workspace, the self-contained kitchen with doors is by Astralia. On the other side of the front room is a reading nook, a cat play area, and a small wall desk shelf by Hideki (gacha item).

The back room is a Living Room/Loft space, with a fireplace to ward off those chilly nights and a cozy mattress for two and storage up in the loft (the fireplace/TV and mattress area have been modified from the original add-on). The add-on also cleverly provides a small rectangular bathroom space in the “hall”, I was unable to get a picture of the whole bath due to the tight quarters but there was enough room to add a shower and a sink/mirror.


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