I looked out the kitchen window of my scenic Ranch home when suddenly… what are those yellow lines? OMG ban lines! Ban lines are not allowed on Bellisseria, yet once in a while, a glitch does occur that enables residents to turn them on. My favorite thing about living on Bellisseria is the covenant that ensures clear blue skies, no ban lines, and no floating objects (most of the time!).

Unfortunately, with twice the prims, residents are able to rez even more items that are completely in violation of the covenant. In order to keep Bellisseria desirable, the covenant must be enforced to keep Bellisseria in-theme and residential, the way it’s meant to be. The full bright trees, loud noises, and excessive breedables are ruining my enjoyment of Ranch life.

sunglasses at night
♪ I wear my sunglasses at night… cos the trees are full bright.
Click here to read the Linden Home Covenant

Welcome to Linden Homes for Premium account holders. Linden Homes is a residential community, located on the Bellisseria continent, owned and managed by Linden Lab.

The purpose of Linden Homes is to provide an opportunity for Premium account Residents of the Second Life virtual world to quickly own a home and belong to a community. Linden Homes are available to Premium account holders with 1024m2 of available tier. Premium accounts are provided 1024m2 available tier at no cost.

As a Premium Account holder, you are eligible for live chat and ticket support from our Support Portal. If you need support for your Linden Home:

1. Go to https://support.secondlife.com/ and submit a ticket.
2. Select the Land and Region ticket type.
3. Under the resulting dropdown, select Linden Homes.

Linden Homes is governed by this Covenant, Linden Home Terms and Conditions, Terms of Service (TOS), and Community Standards (CS): http://secondlife.com/corporate/tos.php

== Linden Home Restrictions ==

Linden Home has unique restrictions in addition to those outlined in the Linden Home Terms and Conditions. By accepting a Linden Home, you agree to additional restrictions as follows:

*Land cannot be terraformed, sold, subleased or rented, deeded to group, joined, or divided. Land can only be set to group.
*Land cannot contain temp-rezzers, or individual prims beyond the allocated size of the Second Life Viewer build tools. (64,64,64).
*Skyboxes, platforms or other floating objects are only allowed above 2000m to keep the skies clear of physical/visual obstructions and casting ground shadows.
*Your Linden Home may not be removed, modified, exchanged, set or deeded to group, or transferred.
*Residents must use one of the houses provided. Modification of the house itself beyond what is built into the controls is not possible. Additional buildings or structures are allowed as long as they are in theme and meet the height restrictions.
*Privacy walls or fences should match the theme and extend no more than 4m above ground level. All other structures should not extend higher than 15m above ground level or sea level, whichever is higher.
*Linden Homes should be kept presentable and in-theme to their unique areas.
*Linden Homes can not be used as sandboxes.
*Linden Homes do not include traffic tracking.
*Linden Homes can not be shown in search.
*Ownership is limited to one Linden Home per Premium Account.
*Changes cannot be made to roads, paths, plants, trees, rocks and other landscaping. Trees or other objects that overhang into parcels are meant to do so. They cannot be moved or removed.
*Objects that extend outside of your parcel can be returned without warning or notice.
*Objects that severely degrade region performance and/or that use a disproportionate amount of system resources (e.g. excessive script usage, physical collisions) can be returned without warning or notice.
*Residents may decorate the interior of their house to their liking. The exterior should always remain in theme out of consideration for your neighbors.
*Linden Home regions are Moderate rated regions. Please see the http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Adult_Content_FAQ regarding adult content and behavior.
*Using prims or objects on parcels meant as advertisements on the world map is not allowed.
*Lights or particles on your parcel should not extend into your neighbors parcels or houses.
*Off region decorations extending from your parcel are not allowed.
*Public space outside your parcel lines is just that… public space. Do not extend objects outside of your parcel in a way that will block, wall off, or claim public areas for yourself to the exclusion of other residents.
*Activities and items that could be construed by Linden Lab as commercial and for profit are not permitted in the residential homes and houseboats in Bellisseria. This includes using parcels for storing delivery servers, dropboxes or working vendors. Tipping/Donations are allowed at functions held in Community Regions only.
*Non-commercial roleplay business conversions of homes in Bellisseria are allowed as long as they match the theme in which they reside and do not alter the residential community atmosphere.
*Activities and/or displaying items that could be construed by Linden Lab as political campaigning is not permitted in Bellisseria.
*Terrain in the Stilt Home theme is not intended to be flat throughout the parcel. Requests to flatten, smooth, or add/remove water on the parcel will not be considered.
*Small islands under Stilt homes are allowed within reason. Any resident owned mesh or prim land or other objects on Stilt water parcels must be completely within the borders of the parcel and not extend into waterways blocking or obscuring them in any fashion. This also applies to any vehicles parked or moored on the parcel as well as phantom objects such as rocks or surf. Prim or mesh pads immediately under your Stilt home on land are allowed. However, filling or paving over all or most of your parcel with a simple block of rock, concrete, dirt, grass, sand etc is not allowed and is considered out of theme.
*Privacy screens, fences, or other parcel perimeter barriers are not allowed on the water in the Stilt Home theme.
*Excessively overt or system resource-intensive interactive systems consisting of in-world scripted objects that communicate with one another to procreate (e.g. breedables) or grow (e.g. farming) to produce other products or consumables are only allowed under the following conditions:
-They are limited to two (2) active units with food/water rezzed out at any given time.
(Premium Plus Ranch Homes are allowed four (4) active units)
-Hovertext is OFF or is not visible from outside the parcel.
-They are within the theme if visible outside the home.
-They do not involve the constant re-rezzing of temp objects.
(i.e.) Linden Homes parcels cannot be used for large scale production of pets or consumable products.
*Additions to Newbrooke houses must be in the Newbrooke style (flat roof shipping container homes) and blend in seamlessly with the neighborhood theme. Garage and room additions are permitted while maintaining architectural consistency with the theme (eg. roof line, colors, trim, etc).
*Newbrooke homes should not be modified architecturally with exterior add-ons, such as roof altering additions or changes that are out of theme. Items such as roof top gardens, decks, porch and overhang extensions are permitted.

== Seasonal & Holiday Content ==

*Seasonal and holiday decorations are permitted as long as they are tastefully applied.
*Natural seasonal elements are permitted if they are applied subtly, such as a light dusting of snow or a scatter of leaves.
*Outdoor holiday decorations should be congruent with the holiday season (no Christmas decorations in May or Halloween decor in April for example).
*Remember to keep all seasonal and holiday decorations within the borders of your parcel and ensure that no content extends over the parcel lines.
*Decoration should not be placed out any earlier than 30 days in advance of any holiday or season represented and must be removed within 15 days of the holiday or season passing.

== Scripted Agents ==

*Scripted Agents (aka ‘bots’) are not allowed in Linden Homes regions, either as a ‘home’ or canvasing the estate for the purpose of collecting data.

== Security ==

*Linden Homes do not have the ability to set your parcel access to group access only (which creates ban lines for everyone else). You can still eject and manually ban people by name in the parcel access settings in About Land options.
*Security devices are only allowed if they comply with the following restrictions:
-Minimum of 15 seconds warning time (no shorter)
-Eject from parcel only (not teleport them home)
-Effective range cannot include the airspace between 400m and 2000m (to allow for people to fly overhead but not in the airspace where skyboxes are allowed)
-Does not add names of ejected persons to the parcel ban list automatically

If you are uncertain, there is a free security system provided in the Linden Homes Content Pack. It does not have the ability to be set in a manner that does not comply with these restrictions. Click on the house controller outside of your parcel (the one used for changing house models) to get the most current content pack sent to you.

== Linden Home Benefits ==

*Use your Premium account’s 1024m2 included land tier allocation towards your Linden Home.
*Ready-to-move-in themed home on a 512m2 or 1024m2 parcel.
*Select your own Linden Home theme.
*Decorate your home with furnishings.
*Invite your friends to your home.
*Meet your neighbors and make friends.
*1024m2 parcel Linden Homes are allocated 351 Land Impact.
*Set Home to here at your Linden Home location. (World menu > Set Home to Here.)
*Set land to group.

== Linden Home Etiquette ==

Living in a community includes courtesy towards your neighbors. Here are some guidelines for etiquette in Linden Home regions:

*Use local chat say, rather than shout.
*Adhere to the Maturity Rating for the Linden Home region you’re located in.
*Respect your neighbors’ privacy.
*Review general Second Life etiquette suggestions and incorporate them into your Linden Home experience: http://bit.ly/sletiquette

== Help ==

The Second Life Knowledge Base (KB) includes many helpful articles for beginning landowners and Residents new to the Second Life virtual world. Check it out:

 » https://community.secondlife.com/knowledgebase/

Linden Lab reserves the right to enforce this covenant at will to maintain the integrity of the Linden Homes neighborhoods and communities.

This covenant is subject to change.

We hope you enjoy your new Linden Home!

Revised 26 June, 2023

Top Covenant Violations:

  • Light pollution via full bright items or light sources with extreme radius and intensity levels.
  • Inappropriate vehicles: Helicopters and boats don’t belong in a Ranch and modern yachts should stay out of Fantasy regions.
  • Too many breedables and breedable hovertext. While Ranch homes permit up to four breedables, breedables are a for profit activity that should be banned. Breedables take a lot of region resources and can cause lag, and who wants to look at a jumble of neon-colored hover texts? The limitations for these are clearly spelled out in the covenant.
  • Sound pollution – Sprinklers, loud pianos, Zooby babies crying cause sound pollution and should be limited. Be thoughtful and restrict sounds to your own parcel! Most people do not like hearing crying babies and very loud repetitive noises. Gentle chimes or nature sounds are usually pleasant, however.
  • Commercial activity: Caspervend boxes should be removed.
  • Skyboxes must be above 2000M. Stop floating balloons, cuddle bubbles, and other annoying things in the sky. These objects rarely look in theme, and they are often very large, bright, and distracting.
  • Stay moderate! Even though Bellisseria is for residents who are 18+ years old, it does not mean that full-on adult activities are allowed. Please be discreet! Enable privacy settings on your Linden Home parcel and be thoughtful of where you are placing adult objects and images.
Breedables! Limit 4? There are like 40 here!

Residents who violate these rules repeatedly should be fined and imprisoned in the Second Life jail for 30 days… just kidding! However, there should be some sort of deterrence in place for repeat offenders.

Be a good neighbor and review the covenant! If you want to break them all, check out the Mainland, you’re welcome there.

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