Wendz Tempest has been a Second Life resident for over a decade. She has woven her way through the grid and into many hearts in that time, and more so recently with ‘The Maui Wildfire Relief Donation Drive‘ that is ongoing until 26th August 2023. All purchases at this event donate 100% to raise funds for Maui Food Bank. You can find the information on that organisation and many others here.

I have come into contact with her in person, again a lot more than in recent years, due to her involvement in the Second Life Mentor program. She is another that manages to fit a lot into her time in Second Life, whether it is Mentoring, Singing (as she performs live during events, she will be appearing at the fundraiser 5pm SLT/PDT on Friday 25th August), and her fantastic work on her blog Cozey in SL, which if you like decor images, hers are incredible.

I got the chance to ask her some questions about her Second Life currently, and I hope you enjoy her answers as much as we did at Gather & Nest.

Sasy:  You have been a Second Life resident for over a decade now, and you are an incredible photographer and decorator of all things home related, what did it mean for you when Linden Homes went live?

Wendz: Having a Linden Home, is a great way to immerse yourself in the world of Second Life. They offer many themes to suit whatever taste you have at the time, be it modern, ranch, Dutch, and even fantasy themed. This also means you’re creativity in decor is unlimited!

Sasy: You are also currently a Second Life Mentor, how has it been seeing Second Life again through the experiences of New Residents and have there been any memorable moments so far?

Wendz: Mentoring new residents can be challenging at times in that you are acutely aware and hyperfocused on whether they understand just basic logistics and control. So there are a lot of moments when they learn something you’ve been teaching and harping on lol.

Sasy: You have collaborated recently with some other affected Second Life residents to hold a fundraiser for Maui, due to the devastating fires that swept the west island. How did that come together and what does it mean to you personally to have had that support in Second Life?

Wendz: I am very very lucky, in that Cort Brandriss (PottedSL, FreeBird), and her awesome team stepped up so quickly to put everything together. It was literally overnight, and I had the sim decorated and terraformed in less than 4 hours! Because of the urgency of the need, we really wanted a boots-on-the-ground type charity to help and Maui Food Bank is directly involved with local grocers/relief centers on a daily even hourly basis. The communities of Lahaina and Kula are without any resources, so these donations go straight to them via food and other supplies.

Sasy: How immersive is your home in Second Life for you, are there ever times when you feel it is all too real?

Wendz: I chose the Modern theme for my Linden Home because they remind me so much of the neighborhoods I currently live in, very minimal, modern landscaping, and clean lines. The shipyard container type builds, are very popular here in the Pacific Northwest, and surreal to think that in Second Life there are blocks and blocks of them lol.

Sasy: What is your favourite themed home of the Linden Homes available, and what would you personally like to see more of?

Wendz: My favorite at the moment would have to be the Stilt Homes, which are raised above water. They remind me of home, the 180 degree ocean views and sand banks are nostalgic for me. I would like to see more Americana type themes, maybe more modern Cape Cods.

Sasy: Outside of the Linden Homes spaces, what are some of your favourite locations in Second Life for unwinding and just taking in the beauty of it all?

Wendz: Currently, the Maui Wildfire Relief Donation Drive sim is a goodie lol. I terraformed it to resemble the Island of Maui, and a lot of the foliage I used are from my good buddy Cube Republic, who designs tropical fauna like none other. The flea market booths were designed by another close friend, June Fallon (Dahlia), and a lot of the beauty of this region right now are found in the people gathering here daily, during live events, and just passing through showing support.

As far as other locations, Newbrooke Community HUB is a good place to relax as well, the train station is nearby that will take you around the Belli continent, and there are sailable waters close by as well. Several Rez areas to take out your new ride, it’s fun to explore.

Sasy: What are some tips you would give someone getting their first Linden Home?

Wendz: Be patient for the home that you wish to acquire. Sometimes you may not get the desired neighborhood or region you would like at first, but LL will work with you to get what you want. Working with a limited amount of prims will also challenge you to rethink the products that you purchase for your home, and eventually, the overall feel you want when you start your day in Second Life.
I created a little shrine type area in my living room dedicated to my favorite music group for example. I enjoy their music, and it makes me happy. Your environment in your Linden Home should reflect you, and everything that makes you, you.

Definitely wise words on making a space your own.

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