A Little Bit Boho

Maybe it was the region name Moose Lick, or maybe it was the unusual orientation of this parcel and the extreme privacy it afforded, but the next thing I knew a commune had moved in, set up tents and started selling chickens, eggs, and some kind of green cash crop! Just take a look at the bird’s eye view of the parcel, wheat fields in front and on one side, a looooong winding driveaway, and a hilltop setting! The moles did an amazing job laying out this little slice of heaven…

Most of the colorful furnishings are from Crate, Petit Mort, and DRD. The interior walls are built from the Puddles LH Ranch Home Extra Parts package.

Back Porch

The front yard is really special with its overlook view and that long driveway! An old Skye oak tree provides shade and shelter for the goats. The mossy paving stones from God Mod are just 2 LI for the whole thing! Sunflowers, heather and bright yellow Nanohana from Alirium add some color. The lush, long green grass is my new secret weapon from HPMD, Sweet Garden Grass09! It comes in a variety of color choices and covers a huge area of ground for just 1 LI, which is really handy for the larger ranch yards.

The backyard has assorted Jian animals, some pretty pink cornflowers from the LH Ranch content pack, and an outhouse and stock pool. Blush Bravin of Blushed Living made a very handy Ranch Pack with many farm essentials including a deck sized to fit the Floorplan stock pool. I am really liking these ranch homes, so many different models and ways to decorate!

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