Chalets are a great opportunity if you want a home in the forest! This little gem of a chalet is located just over the hill from the Muehlenbach Community Center. The existing mole flowers are delicate pale pastel tulips; adding pale purple clematis vines, lavender and blooming trees helps tie the front landscaping together.

The side yard is peaceful and serene, overlooking a little bay! And it is just a short hike over that hill to get to boat rez zones, the zip lines at the Community Center, The Drunken Mouse pub, hot air balloons, and other fun things.

The back yard is an idyllic refuge with the mountains on one side, the bay in front, and a natural Japanese hot spring by Ariskea for soaking under the trees. More lavender back here too!

The large open plan living and kitchen area of the Albus model chalet is a large area of space to fill, so an interior wall shell with wainscoting was added, plus used a 2 prim kitchen from Dekute Dekore combined with a LAQ Kitchen Island and a KraftWork Pantry China Filler to round things out. Note that Laq Decor has recently rebranded to Heima Decor and added some new things at their store!

I used the larger bedroom upstairs for a combination bedroom and bath separated by an add on wall divider with French Doors, with a MeshPossible 1 prim Library Nook plus Trompe Loeil’s Exton bedroom set for the big pieces.

The bathroom is also good sized, used Dysfunctional Designs (DDD) Sinks and Washroom Cabinetry on one side to fill up the space with some low prim furniture!

Hope you have enjoyed this walkthrough of one of the many Chalet models, I am pleased with how far 351 prims could go with this design!

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